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Divine 9 Legislative Day

This event has passed.

Divine 9 Legislative Day

Are you ready to square shoulders to carry out strategies to make this election OURS? Join us in Raleigh on May 8 for Divine 9 Legislative Day, “If Not Us, Then Who? Our Path Through 2024.” This is not just an event; it’s a critical call to action. Divine 9 Legislative Day is our chance to directly engage with the state’s legislative leaders on urgent issues impacting OUR community, North Carolina, and the entire nation.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and your participation is vital. We need your voice as we concentrate on pressing matters such as election protection, access to healthcare, equity in education, and safeguarding OUR democracy.

The time to make a difference is now! Register today for the 2024 Divine 9 Legislative Day and help shape the future of our community and beyond. If not us, then who? Your urgency and involvement can drive the change we need. REGISTER

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