Environmental Justice

The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to advocating for environmental justice, ensuring that water and air quality in Black communities is not contaminated, and eliminating inequalities in the location of environmentally hazardous facilities and enterprises.

Access to Healthcare

The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to the adoption of universal access to healthcare for all Americans and for improving the quality of care and availability of healthcare professionals in Black and low-wealth communities.

Crime and Justice

The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to the diversity of our courts, the proper response to youth violence and gang initiatives in our schools and communities, fairness in enforcement, including eliminating racial profiling practices, and ending sentencing disparities. 

Political Effectiveness

The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to mobilizing the electorate through registration and education, eliminating barriers to voting participation, monitoring the records and actions of elected officials and candidates, and investing in the appropriate financial resources to ensure equitable representation at all levels of government.

Who We Are

The North Carolina Black Alliance addresses policy and economic issues to enhance black communities by developing and promoting systemic policy change as well as youth and leadership development.

We also seek to collaborate with strategic partners to advance the work of those organizations and to enhance intentional collaboration with black constituencies.

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We Are Committed to…

Political Effectiveness & Personal Responsibility

Crime + Justice

Access to Healthcare & Environmental Justice


Economic Empowerment

Time | talent | treasure

When you choose to support the North Carolina Black Alliance by giving your time, talent or treasure you help unleash OUR power to transform OUR communities across North Carolina.

Give Your Time

It’s often said that volunteers are the lifeblood of an organization. Complete the Volunteer Action Card to become an NC Black Alliance volunteer.

Give your Talent

Whether you can organize an event, mobilize a community, or use your voice to effect change your skills play an important role in helping us achieve our mission.

Give Your treasure

When you donate to NCBA, you help address issues ranging from voting rights, gerrymandering, criminal justice reform, health and wellness, economic development to education.

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