Who We Are

The North Carolina Black Alliance addresses policy and economic issues to enhance black communities by developing and promoting systemic policy change as well as youth and leadership development.

We also seek to collaborate with strategic partners to advance the work of those organizations and to enhance intentional collaboration with black constituencies.

We Are Committed to…

Political Effectiveness & Personal Responsibility

Crime + Justice

Access to Healthcare & Environmental Justice


Economic Empowerment

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North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA)
P.O. Box 27886
Raleigh, NC 27611

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Join us and our partners @AdvanceCarolina in demanding #SafeSchoolsForAll. Tell Wake & Johnston County Public Schools they must act against hate speech! https://t.co/2HNneOO2Yy https://t.co/vhrM4K305w NCBlackAlliance photo

#SafeSchoolsForAll : Are you aware of the situation that happened to 14 year old Cenayia Edwards of East Wake High School ? We + @AdvanceCarolina are working with @ColorOfChange to bring #communityawareness to this issue. Please read and sign the petition

Latest News

Black Voters Support Fight for a Better Budget

The NCBA sponsored a survey by PPP of African American likely voters July 17-18, 2019. The results indicate overwhelming support for a state budget that expands Medicaid to more North Carolinians and increased pay for teachers. Read Article

Reclaiming our Votes, Reclaiming our Power

NCBA assembles taskforce of organizations to develop a plan to support of over 3,000 absentee voters. Read Article



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