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The North Carolina Black Alliance addresses policy and economic issues to enhance black communities by developing and promoting systemic policy change as well as youth and leadership development.

We also seek to collaborate with strategic partners to advance the work of those organizations and to enhance intentional collaboration with black constituencies.

NC's People’s Platform for Social and Economic Survival and Beyond Us

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, witnessing the devastating consequences of COVID-19 on countries and communities across the world. This health crisis is exposing, in no uncertain terms, the social, economic, and political crisis that our communities have been bearing for decades and more. Our response to this moment, and the grave injustices that are now amplifying its consequences, offers us the opportunity to move toward a North Carolina where all people can thrive. At this point, it is impossible to extract the crisis caused by COVID-19 from the massive social and economic inequality that laid the groundwork for the disproportionate spread of devastation we can anticipate in our state. 

We Are Committed to…

Political Effectiveness & Personal Responsibility

Crime + Justice

Access to Healthcare & Environmental Justice


Economic Empowerment

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North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA)
P.O. Box 27886
Raleigh, NC 27611

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Over the next few months, we will use #CensusSaturday to uplift stories and stats for Black North Carolinians. Not taking the #census is the same as leaving #money for our #communities on the table. It is critical that we are counted in the #2020Census.
#MyBlackCountsNC https://t.co/QYJgzyNcQV
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Did you miss the NCBA's "Teach Me How to Zoom" call this week? Check out @Zoom_us's version at https://t.co/dtrIPLppfS. During this pandemic, we'll be hosting many of our #community calls using this #technology.

NC United for Survival & Beyond is a coalition of 60+ orgs that co-created 10 demands of the NC Gen. Assembly and Gov. to respond to the most vulnerable communities during COVID-19 and beyond. View our platform and sign the petition at https://t.co/cVQvR0OVZv.

Latest News

NCBA Announces Support for "A Call to Colors"

NC Senator Valerie Foushee, chairwoman of the NC Black Alliance, has announced NCBA’s strong support for “A Call to Colors, (ACTC),” the Greater Diversity News sponsored civic engagement campaigns. Read Announcement



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