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CODE RED Redistricting

North Carolina will soon begin drawing new district maps at every level. It is critically important that the Black community be involved, as the redistricting process impacts our ability to build and maintain independent Black political power, and advance the issues that impact our community daily.

CODE RED, our redistricting education program, offers training and resources to help our community to understand and monitor the redistricting process and become more effective advocates for fair maps.

Upcoming Trainings

Session 1: From Census to Redistricting

Wednesday, May 12

This session will provide grounding in the history of Black political resistance and resilience in NC, and help participants develop an understanding of the importance of the census and redistricting toward the building of political power.


Session 2: Gerrymandering and the Levels of Redistricting

Wednesday, May 19

In this session, participants will learn how the manipulation of district maps—gerrymandering—has been used to dilute Black political power, as well as the legislative proposals to end gerrymandering.


Session 3: Intersections of Redistricting

Wednesday, June 9

This session will explore several critical policy issues facing the Black community, and the role the redistricting process plays in solving or exacerbating them. Participants will also learn of options to advocate for issue-based redistricting reforms.


Session 4: Redistricting in Practice

Wednesday, June 16

This session will deepen participants’ understanding of the map-drawing process, and provide tools for participants to monitor their local redistricting processes.


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