The North Carolina Black Alliance believes the promise of America can only be fully realized when all citizens are assured an opportunity to receive a quality education. We believe access to that opportunity begins at birth and includes other opportunities such as appropriate daycare, quality elementary and post-secondary education, technical schools, colleges, and universities. We commit to providing an appropriate climate for learning through investment in safe quality facilities, the education and recruitment of diverse educators and administrators, ridding the classroom of bias that fosters the elimination of achievement gaps in all aspects of education, encouraging the full development of the individual, and eliminating disparities in funding based upon student achievement, the wealth of the surrounding communities, or family financial stability. Learn more about our commitments.

Education in NC

Education Funding Lawsuit

Leandro Case

Rulings in the Leandro Case has shown that for decades, the state has not fulfilled its basic constitutional obligation to children statewide. In November 2022, when the NC Supreme Court ruled for the fourth time in the case, we thought that after nearly 30 years, students in North Carolina would finally have their basic, fundamental, and constitutional needs met.

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NC Public School Declaration

Gov. Roy Cooper declared 2024 the “Year of Public Schools.” Public schools in North Carolina transforms lives, creates opportunity, and strengthens our communities and economy. More than 8 in 10 school-aged children in North Carolina attend public schools. We know that strong public schools build strong communities.

NC Children's Bill of Rights

Children's Bill of Rights

All children should have the freedom to pursue their dreams. But some NC politicians are shortchanging Black, rural, and poor communities, preventing our children from learning the skills they need to build the careers and lives of their dreams. In the face of these challenges, we stand with our community and partners to demand changes to how we fund education. 

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