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The Alliance is working toward state-level systemic change by strengthening the network of elected officials representing communities of color throughout the state and collaborating with a progressive, grassroots networks on intersecting issues.  These issues range from voting rights, gerrymandering, criminal justice reform, health and wellness, economic development to education. The Alliance is an intergovernmental network of African American legislators, county commissioners, school board members, and municipal elected officials centered by a commitment to ambitiously address broad issues of inequality and fairness. 

The Alliance collaborates with strategic partners to advance the work of those organizations and to enhance intentional collaboration with black constituencies.  

NC Black Elected Officials

Counties Represented

Mecklenburg County Officials

Guilford County Officials

Cumberland County Officials

Core Programs

Youth Voter Engagement

Our Youth Voter Engagement program partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to mobilize young voters of color and provide issue education. Our engagement strategies included planning HBCU Think Tanks and parties at each polling site of our partner HBCUs.


Annually we launch an intentional campaign to poll African American voters in an effort to determine their position on key issues and policies. The results are then shared with community stakeholders to guide strategies and voter education conversations.

2018 and Beyond

The And Beyond series are regional convenings coordinated in collaboration with our many partners. The objective is to focus on developing systemic changes to address policy, economic, educational and healthcare inequities in our communities. This effort is ongoing and a key feature of future organizing efforts sponsored by the NC Black Alliance.

NC Black Summit

The NC Black Summit provides a platform for attendees to engage in thoughtful conversations regarding leadership, infrastructure and economic development opportunities that will enhance local communities. This two-day conference attracts elected officials, community advocates and grassroots organizations who are interested in staying engaged and successful solutions to community challenges.

Board of Directors

NC Senator Valerie Foushee

NC Senator Valerie Foushee


Keith Sutton

Keith Sutton

Vice Chair

Viola Harris

Viola Harris


Richard Hooker

Cleveland County Board of Education

Valerie Jones

Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Sedalia

Fred Yates

Mayor, Town of Winfall

Renee Price

Orange County Commissioner


North Carolina NAACP
NC Black Publishers Association

Carolina Small Business Development Fund
NC Justice Center

NC Community Development Initiative

NC Institute of Minority Economic Development
NC Budget and Tax Center

Contact Us

North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA)
P.O. Box 27886
Raleigh, NC 27611

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Too frequently, our country’s  homeless citizens are negatively impacted by natural disasters and healthcare pandemics such as the one we are facing now. Our State has a responsibility to guarantee housing for all. @NC_Governor, we demand immediate action.

Latest News

NCBA Announces Support for "A Call to Colors"

NC Senator Valerie Foushee, chairwoman of the NC Black Alliance, has announced NCBA’s strong support for “A Call to Colors, (ACTC),” the Greater Diversity News sponsored civic engagement campaigns. Read Announcement