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The  North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA) is committed to working with faith-based organizations to address political and social justice issues that impact our communities. For nearly 15 years, NCBA has consistently worked to convene and cultivate Black Elected Officials across North Carolina to centralize collective power. NCBA has also addressed policy and economic issues to enhance black communities and build local black political infrastructure. We do this by engaging black faith spaces, black Greek-lettered organizations, and collegiate campus-based organizations as a means to cultivate leadership development for youth. These actions have empowered us as an organization to address policy and economic issues to enhance black communities and promote systemic policy change.

It is for this reason that we believe that black faith spaces are integral to this work. Black faith spaces have been at the forefront of the black liberation movement, from its roots in the “hush harbors,” where secret worship and anti-slavery resistance movements were formed, to its role in the Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and Black Power movements. This history has compelled us to work alongside faith-based organizations to create safe spaces, provide opportunities, and cultivate leadership skills for faith leaders to politically empower the communities they serve.

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Faith-Based Engagement Updates

Black Faith Leader Still Needed for Change in Our Communities

Black faith leaders and Black faith spaces are often our community’s first point of contact amid economic injustice, social injustice, and national crises.

HerStory: Building Beloved Community

Although Coretta Scott King didn’t coin the term “beloved community,” in 2022, faith-based communities may certainly do well to continue using the ideology as a foundation for recovering from the global pandemic that disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities in the United States.

Get Involved – September 2021

The North Carolina Black Alliance’s Faith Engagement Team is constantly creating opportunities for Faith leaders to engage in our effort to build black political power in North Carolina. Check out our September updates.

Black Power. Black Faith.

Social Justice Seminar

The North Carolina Black Alliance, Shaw University Divinity School, the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, and the North Carolina Council of Churches hosted a virtual summit on building Black political power in North Carolina and leading Black communities into an era of liberation.

Session: Localizing Black Political Issues

Session: Black Faith Leaders Responding to the Environment

Session: What Black Faith Leaders Need to Know About Redistricting

Session: Developing Social Justice Ministries

Session: Honoring Women, Confronting Patriarchy & Addressing LGBTQ

Session: Why Faith-Based Organizing

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