Faith-Based Community Action

The North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA) collaborates with faith-based organizations to address political and social justice issues impacting communities. NCBA works to centralize collective power, enhance Black communities, and cultivate leadership development for youth through engagement with faith spaces and other organizations. Black faith spaces are integral to this work and have been at the forefront of the Black liberation movement throughout history. Please join us to engage in our collective efforts for the 2024 Elections. 

Core Faith Engagement Programs


Poll workers play a vital role in protecting our community’s right to vote during early voting and on election day. The North Carolina Black Alliance provides training to equip these election protection volunteers with the necessary tools and knowledge to safeguard our voting rights effectively.

Souls to the Polls

Souls to the Polls is a powerful Black church tradition and voter mobilization initiative that bridges faith and civic engagement. This historic event, typically held on Sundays before Election Day, transforms Sunday worship into a community-wide effort to exercise voting rights.  We partner with local faith communities, recognizing their vital role in promoting democratic participation and empowering voters.

Sunday Stroll

Designed by April Parker, NCBA Faith Fellow and founder of Architect of Black Space, Sunday Stroll aligns with the Souls to the Polls tradition. Local Black churches will encourage congregations to canvass their communities with voter ID literature after biweekly Sunday services. NC Black Alliance Faith Fellows will support by attending services, hosting information sessions, and providing canvassing materials. Participants will receive training before canvassing. Canvassing frequency will depend on the church’s capacity and desire.

Sunday Brunch & Ballots

In collaboration with local faith leaders and community partners, Sunday Brunch & Ballots is a fellowship space designed to convene communities, churches, and organizations to share food, fun, and critical information.  The event focuses on educating and mobilizing voters for the upcoming elections and engaging in meaningful discussions and activities to empower our community to make informed decisions at the polls.

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Key Faith Engagement Partners

General Baptist State Convention of NC
NC Council of Churches
Shaw University Divinity School

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