Crime and Justice

The North Carolina Black Alliance believes all citizens desire an environment that is safe, healthy and free of crime. We are committed to the diversity of our courts, the proper response to youth violence and gang initiatives in our schools and communities, fairness in enforcement, including eliminating racial profiling practices, ending sentencing disparities, and environmental justice. Learn more about our commitments.

core Programs

Black Legal Network

The Black Legal Network is a loosely held network of individual attorneys looking for pro bono project opportunities around redistricting and election protection work. Black lawyers can help advance citizen participation and political power. The Black Legal Network is an initiative of the North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA). 

Felon Restoration

On April 26, 2022, the NC Court of Appeals ruled in Community Success Initiative v. Moore that expanded eligibility for felons who are not incarcerated will go into effect after July 26, 2022. When the new eligibility rules go into effect, all felons who are not incarcerated will be eligible to register and vote.

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