Political Effectiveness
& Personal REsponsibility

The North Carolina Black Alliance believes representative government works best with an informed, engaged, and active voting population. We are committed to mobilizing the electorate through registration and education, eliminating barriers to voting participation, monitoring the records and actions of elected officials and candidates, and investing in the appropriate financial resources to ensure equitable representation at all levels of government. Learn more about our commitments.


CODE RED Redistricting

CODE RED Redistricting

CODE RED, our redistricting education program, offers training and resources to help our community to understand and monitor the redistricting process and become more effective advocates for fair maps.

Silhouette at voting ballot box

Voter Safety + Protection

The Voter Safety + Protection provides North Carolina voters with credible information regarding voting options, and clear guidelines on how they can proactively engage in the vote by mail process and avoid obstacles at the polls.

Students at the HBCU Think Tank

College Students Vote

College Students Vote partners primarily with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to mobilize Black college students and empowers them to take charge of their vote, whether at their campus county or home county/state.

Attorney Network

Black Attorney Network

The Black Legal Network is an initiative of the North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA). NCBA understands that Black lawyers have always played a critical role in ensuring Voter Rights Protection.

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