NC Black Alliance, Equality NC and Disability Rights NC Launch Voter Safety and Protection Campaign

As COVID-19 continues to impact vulnerable communities across our state, the North Carolina Black Alliance has partnered with Equality North Carolina and Disability Rights North Carolina to launch a Voter Safety and Protection Campaign. The campaign provides credible, up to date voter information and offers personal protective equipment for 250,000 North Carolinians in marginalized communities as they head to the polls.
The Voter Safety and Protection Campaign seeks to increase voter turnout, empower and protect voters, and encourage voters to develop a safe voting plan. Reports and studies indicate that Black and Brown, LGBTQ and individuals living with disabilities are the most disproportionate communities affected by COVID-19 and therefore have a critical need for PPE while navigating the voting process armed with trusted information and resource.
Regardless of the method voters cast their ballots, whether in-person, early, or on Election day, eligible voters will receive by mail a FREE single-use PPE Kit for voting. Voters can request a PPE kit on the website or by calling 888-WEVOTE2. Voters are encouraged to complete the PPE kit request form by October 28, 2020, for guaranteed delivery by November 3.
“In 2020, we will create a space for voters to feel protected and empowered during this election cycle,” said Marcus Bass, Deputy Director for North Carolina Black Alliance. “Our democracy is legitimized, only when everyone has a fair opportunity to cast their ballots. The constituents in our collective community of organizations face an unbelievable amount of opposition and suppression of their voting rights. That is why we have partnered with Equality NC and Disability Rights NC to help curb the issues that face those communities.”
Executive Director for Equality NC, Kendra Johnson noted, “LGBTQ people, especially Black and Brown folks, already experience numerous obstacles to safe and fair voting, including gerrymandering, voter suppression, and unjust voter ID laws. With the pandemic now adding a layer of health concerns for marginalized folks, we must all do our part to protect ourselves and other vulnerable Americans as we head to vote in the most important election of our lifetimes and fight for the soul of this nation.”
“All people need and deserve to exercise their right to vote,” writes Virginia Knowlton Marcus, Chief Executive Officer of Disability Rights North Carolina. “DRNC is proud to partner in this important work to break down barriers to voting and harness the strength of marginalized communities across North Carolina.”
“Voter suppression is not new. It has, however, taken on a more intense approach. Ongoing social unrest, along with racial injustice, now coupled with the COVID-19 global pandemic, has put us in a state of urgency like never before. We must, with vigor and intentionality, empower disenfranchised communities. This cohort of organizations is committed to ensuring that every citizen can safely and securely vote,” added Courtney Crowder, Executive Director of North Carolina Black Alliance.
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