Supreme Court Upholds Democracy: Landmark Decision Protects Elections and Ensures Voter Equality

Jun 27, 2023 | News, Political Effectiveness

Today we are witnessing a major victory that will protect the very foundation of our democracy. The verdict in the case of Moore v. Harper represents a momentous win for the electorate, considering the immense potential this case had to undermine the vital checks and balances that form the foundation of America.

The Supreme Court’s decision to reject the desperate attempt of lawmakers to undermine elections, which should always be free and equitable, reinforces the critical role that state courts play in overseeing decisions regarding our elections, as intended. This decision restores the power of our check and balance system and clearly illustrates the hyper-partisan nature of our North Carolina Supreme Court. It also further highlights the need for a shift in makeup by 2028. The decision further protects the people from power-hungry politicians who want to retain power by manipulating our voting maps, suppressing votes, especially those of our Black and Brown communities, and completely disrupting democratic institutions.

The North Carolina Black Alliance and Advance North Carolina firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom to cast their ballot in fair elections and vote for issues that matter most, and this decision secures that freedom. We remain committed to defending the judicial branch of government from partisan attempts to shift the balance of power that limit the power of Black voters.

You can read the Supreme Court’s decision here.

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