NC Black Alliance 2020: Poised for Impact

For nearly 15 years, the NC Black Alliance (NCBA) has consistently worked to convene and cultivate Black Elected Officials across North Carolina to centralize collective power. Now, with 842 Black Elected Officials across the state, NCBA, with an ambitious and skilled team, is poised to be a banner organization” that understands the power of strategy and its ability to secure lasting systematic change.
Now that NCBA has expanded its team, the organization is comprised of a professionally diverse group of experienced policy advocates, communication specialists, statewide organizers, and non-profit administrators. This expansion gives NCBA the capacity to give more prominence to the voices and issues of historically underserved and disenfranchised communities. This year, the team worked with North Carolinas Black Fraternities and Sororities to lead a 600-person march to North Carolina’s legislative offices to present an advocacy agenda, launched a statewide initiative to repair the voting damage caused by the NC District 9 Election Fraud, and hosted 800 Black Elected Officials and community members at their 14th annual NC Black Summit. The work in 2019 was just the beginning of NBCA’s mission to be transformative in North Carolina.
As NCBA prepares for 2020, we will keenly focus on hosting regional meetings around policy discussions and issues impacting the black community, participating in 2020 Census forums, and establishing collaborative partners that can advance statewide initiatives and training on various community concerns. While these focus areas are determined, they do not limit NCBA’s ability to be responsive to the needs of the community with haste.
The work, achievements, and 2020 goals do not happen successfully without some form of a “meeting of the minds;” one of those forms happens at our annual NC Black Summit.
The summit facilitates an opportunity to provide valuable information to elected officials, advocates, and community leaders so that they can use their influence to make informed decisions when it comes to the advancement of black communities. The 15th annual NC Black Summit will be held in Raleigh, NC, on May 14th-15th at the Marriott Raleigh Center City Hotel.
As NCBA continues to evolve according to what is needed to exist in a more equal and equitable North Carolina, we thank those of you who currently support our efforts and invite our future supporters to stay close to our impact.
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