Advancing Health Equity in Communities of Color

Oct 8, 2021 | Healthcare

The North Carolina Black Alliance recently engaged with Commissioner Angela Bryant and Dr. Crystal Cené at the UNC Health Equity Speaker Series to discuss five key strategies to help advance health equity. During the discussion, Commissioner Bryant and Dr. Cené recommend using data to visualize current inequalities for our actions to have a more precise impact.

For communities, health systems are major economic drivers, and for that reason, there should be place-based investments to advance health equity. By including leaders that have connections to historically marginalized communities, we can advance health equity at the interpersonal level.

Also, an overall shift to support historically marginalized populations and organizations is another strategy advocates and policy leaders should use to advance health equity.

Finally, there must be a change in policies, systems, and environments to create and maintain direct access for all.

Karida Giddings

Karida Giddings

Access to Healthcare Program Coordinator

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