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Justice Prevails: Public Pressure Halts Ethics Attack on Justice Earls

The North Carolina Black Alliance and Emancipate NC will host various state and local advocacy organizations in the campaign to Stop Legal Lynching as they respond to Wednesday’s judicial standards commission’s decision to dismiss a complaint against NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls and the next steps in support of other elected officials facing intimidation in state and local government heading into the 2024 election. The complaint, targeting Justice Earls, who was completely within her rights to discuss the lack of diversity on the court, has ignited months of scrutiny and controversy surrounding the once-independent commission. The Judicial Standards Committee dramatically curtailed its investigation only after Earls filed her lawsuit against them.

This victory is a testament to the power of the people to stand up for what is right. It sends a clear message that North Carolina will not tolerate attempts to silence the voice of the people. Justice Earls, in response, has withdrawn her lawsuit against the commission, a testament to the power of collective action in securing justice.

We celebrate the triumph of the people and highlight the crucial role they played in safeguarding judicial independence and preventing Jim Crow-era tactics from returning to North Carolina. With a heated 2024 election season approaching, this victory will serve as a powerful call to action and a reminder that vigilance is paramount in protecting our democracy and ensuring that conservative forces that seek to silence the voice of the people must be challenged at every turn.

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Black women are on the front lines of our judiciary across the country. While protecting our rights and liberties, these women directly threaten those seeking to drag our state backward. The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to protecting Black Elected officials from political harassment in administering their office to advance our communities. We will ensure that the public knows of these horrendous acts of bullying and intimidation and that the perversion of standards stops with the principled, honest, intentional call to action by the lawsuit filed by Justice Earls.

Join us in this fight by supporting our efforts to uphold justice 365 and in November at the ballot box. 

Statements | August 30, 2023

Statement on NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls

North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice Anita Earls filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina Judicial Commission and members of the NC Judicial Standards Commission for reopening an investigation that the Commission previously dismissed. Justice Earls is under attack for speaking about diversity, or the lack thereof, in the NC Supreme Court. There is an agenda, and Black and brown voices are not on it. Their stories are stifled with Critical Race Theory legislation and fear-based tactics to remove them from our history. 

The NC Black Alliance stands in solidarity with Justice Anita Earls to publicly speak on her experiences of racism and sexism without retribution from her white colleagues.

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