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North Carolina has a reputation for the violent overthrow of duly elected government officials by a group of white supremacists. Most notable is the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, where untold numbers of Black men, women, and children were murdered. Historians refer to that event as the figurative lynching of post-reconstruction, ushering in an end to collective government and the return of suppressive and oppressive government designed to maintain and sustain white supremacy. The attack on Justice Anita Earls, a duly elected Black woman to the North Carolina Supreme Court, is the most recent attempt at the public political lynching of a Black woman and the spirit of fair and equal justice in North Carolina.

For those against progress, the racist, sexist and fascist of North Carolina, there is electricity in the air. They are at their jobs, in their homes, and in their places of worship preparing sandwiches for picnic baskets and laying out their best Sunday clothes for a gathering the likes of which they have been deprived of for decades. But, if the powers that be of North Carolina have their way, the wait is finally over. North Carolinians are witnessing the public political lynching of a Black person and those against progress are salivating. Not just any Black person, but a Black woman, Justice Anita Earls, who is uppity and has forgotten what happens when she does not avert her eyes while in the presence of white men. Yes, they are giddy with excitement at putting right the wrong of equality and racial justice that Anita Earls has dedicated her life to eradicating. The only thing standing in the way of this grotesque community gathering for the public lynching of a Black woman is you and good people like you who refuse to be dragged back to Jim Crow by people against progress.

The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission opened an investigation into comments Justice Anita Earls made about the lack of diversity in the state’s judicial system. Despite the uncontested truth of these statements, they are being weaponized by people against progress to remove Justice Earls from office, removing the sole voice on the state Supreme Court that speaks for marginalized communities.

Instead of using a rope and hanging tree, the political lynching of Justice Anita Earls is being executed by the NC Judicial Standards Commission in collusion with the North Carolina Supreme Court, acting as the ultimate hangman. The Commission evaluates and investigates complaints of judicial misconduct, among other things. A nominal number of complaints or concerns lead to a formal hearing and recommendation to the NC Supreme Court for discipline where misconduct is found. Coupled with the recent changes to the Commission, making NC one of only two states to have no commission seats designated for lawyers, giving the Republican-controlled general assembly control to appoint 6 of the 14 commissioners, it’s clear that the government by the people is being used to exact Macarthian like retribution on any elected official that attempts to correct historical inequities still impacting the fair arbitration of justice in our courts.

Justice Earls has taken the unprecedented act of filing a federal lawsuit against the very system that is trying to expel her. She is alleging “an ongoing campaign” by the state to suppress her First Amendment rights through “intrusive investigations” initiated by anonymous informers. But she cannot fight this alone. She needs every person in America who values diversity, equity, inclusion, and the eradication of the cancer of racism to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with her.

Justice Anita Earls, like so many other Black people in America who have faced down racism and prejudice, is not going to the political hanging noose without a fight.

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Black women are on the front lines of our judiciary across the country. While protecting our rights and liberties, these women directly threaten those seeking to drag our state backward. The North Carolina Black Alliance is committed to protecting Black Elected officials from political harassment in administering their office to advance our communities. We will ensure that the public knows of these horrendous acts of bullying and intimidation and that the perversion of standards stops with the principled, honest, intentional call to action by the lawsuit filed by Justice Earls.

Join us in this fight by supporting our efforts to uphold justice 365 and in November at the ballot box. 

Statements | August 30, 2023

Statement on NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls

North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice Anita Earls filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina Judicial Commission and members of the NC Judicial Standards Commission for reopening an investigation that the Commission previously dismissed. Justice Earls is under attack for speaking about diversity, or the lack thereof, in the NC Supreme Court. There is an agenda, and Black and brown voices are not on it. Their stories are stifled with Critical Race Theory legislation and fear-based tactics to remove them from our history. 

The NC Black Alliance stands in solidarity with Justice Anita Earls to publicly speak on her experiences of racism and sexism without retribution from her white colleagues.

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